Aliens was formed in late 2004 by Solifer, N3cro and Zeus as a Swedish Far Cry Clan. A few months after this, we evolved to an international Clan, with members coming from all over Europe and even Canada.

During the beginning of our Far Cry period we became excellent "lone wolfes", then we started to appreciate teamplay and by playing funwars in Far Cry we got pretty good at it.

Then came Battlefield 2, and Aliens became a two branch Clan. With Battlefield 2 came a big expansion of members for the clan and it became possible for Aliens to play more and bigger funwars and league´s.

At the end of 2006 Aliens let Far Cry go as a branch of Aliens and replaced it with Battlefield 2142. These past few years Aliens have been playing a bunch of games, but the Battlefield-franchise is still important for our members. Working our way trough BF:BC2 to Battlefield 3, hopefully Aliens will see another great game from DICE.

Aliens has been growing since the start, and still does. We have great players both in game and personality and don't want to spoil that, so nowdays we pick new members carefully just to get the best players in every way.

If you're interested, take a look on some historical footage.

First Video: HERE

Second Video: HERE