1974 [Aliens]

Name: Marcus
From: Bolton, UK
Year of birth: 1974
Family: married with 2 brats
Interests: gaming, gaming, fishing and more gaming

More info:

Best PC game: cod 4 modern warfare
Favourite music: metal/rock music
Favourite song: "die motherfu**er die" by dope
Movies/TV: kelly's heroes or NCIS
Working: nope but trying

intel core 2quad 6600 clocked at 3.2ghz, 8mb cache
abit ix38 quad gt motherboard socket 775 xfire enabled
4gb ocz ddr2 pc6400 ati crossfire ram
xfx amd 5830xxx edition 1gb soon to have HiS 5870 as crossfire master
creative fatal1ty extreme gamer edition soundcard
2tb western digital hard drives
ocz 600w stealth extreme psu
gigabyte 3d aurora case
razor keyboard & mouse